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In WSC Pro 1.7 we introduced the ability to change the language. Any text you see frontend can now be changed to your own local language by using the included language file.  Users can change any aspect of the text WSC shows to your customers. This makes WSC Pro available to all in any country.

How to change the language or text in WSC Pro 1.7

  1. In the WSC download navigate to /tickets_credentials/lang
  2. Open up the english.php file
  3. Change the text that is inside the quotes 'EXAMPLE' to your choice
  4. Save and upload the file to /modules/addons/tickets_credentials/lang/
  5. Your language or text has now been changed

It's important that you leave the " in place so changing the text of the submit button would be like this;

$_ADDONLANG['SubmitSecureCredentials'] = 'Submit Secure Credentials';

Would become

$_ADDONLANG['SubmitSecureCredentials'] = 'Submit Credentials';